I was laughing but no longer at the ten Boom

When I first received the book, I had known I was going to fall in love with it when Eve told me it was Christianity told in a story. I love stories. It didn’t stop me from laughing at the co-author of the book though, or the female lead the book is about: Corrie ten Boom. No serious? ten Boom? Boy did I have to swallow my last laugh.

Not only is the book beautifully written, it is voluminous with meaning. It takes you right in on the first page. I remember how restless and footloose I had felt before I started on the book. I thumbed open to the first page, skipping past the foreword preface introduction and other seemingly superfluous texts. Despite my restlessness, I found myself increasingly sucked into Corrie’s world. 1900s in Holland, Haarlem. Sunshine and bright winter days. 100-year party. Home and the familiar warmth. I want to be part of this, and I want to know more. Incredible foreshadowing sent chills down my bones, as she threw in offhand remarks of things she never expect to happen in future. It made me wary and reluctant; am I not feeling quite happy and contented today? Do I really want to read on and burden myself with misery?

But like I said, I was propelled by a will not of my own, and I read on.

I just finished it today. No buckets of tears, no crazy uncontrollable sadness, because this book is about Hope. Good, glorious hope. A story about when we Decrease, Christ Increase. And when Christ Increase, life, meaning, love, faith abounds. Beauty comes in more poignant ways than hands of men can make them…

Thank you dear friend for this book (: it will be the brightest, brightest light in the darkest time.

When you are disturbed, do not sin.
Ponder it on your bed, remain silent.
Offer the right sacrifices, and put your trust in God.

– Psalm 4

is feeling insecure again

Lord, I am feeling insecure again. Do I try too hard to engage my students? How much is too much? How do I know I am going overboard? Lord, can you protect my heart? Make it pure, like your intention. Make me sing your song and march to only your beat.

I am a bad judge of my actions, only you can help me.